An Important Note On My Coaching

The Right Connection Between Coach And Client Is The Foundation Of Success

I am absolutely delighted that you have taken the time to learn about my coaching experience. Before we go any further, I think it’s important to give a transparent and accurate view of my coaching.

I am not a coach that offers generic off the shelf “10 steps to guaranteed success” or life changing “self-help programs”. I tailor my coaching to each client and their own goals and needs. My sessions are designed specifically to provide the type of environment that enables life-changing realisation. I do this by spending one on one, productive and focused time with you. No distractions, no groups sessions–just me and you.

My availability is limited and focused on a very small number of clients, naturally I want to make sure we are the right fit. Despite what many coaches may tell you, changing your life, accelerating your career or overcoming illness all takes work and commitment; I know this from my own personal experience. I am looking for the type of client that is energised to achieve their full potential, someone that will step outside of their comfort zone and go for it.

A scheduled zero obligation conversation between us is about mutual evaluation to gauge suitability of both coach and client. This is a critical step in establishing a good relationship to achieve the right result.

How We Work

We work together from a minimum of 2 months, anything shorter is not enough to achieve lifelong change. I recommend a coaching frequency of weekly intervals. I conduct coaching online globally via Zoom or Face to Face (currently in Barcelona or Amsterdam only).

I tailor all of my Coaching to each client with a reasonable amount of follow-ups. After each session you will receive a video recording with detailed coaching notes for you to review and action.

Our Conversation

An initial coaching conversation between us is a critical step  to determine if we are a good fit. I do not progress with every client I encounter, the same as you should not progress every coach. 

Our conversation is intended to be a relaxed yet powerful experience between two people; without the pressure of a money driven transaction.  


The Investment

Effective Coaching is about the relationship, energy and vision that exists between a coach and client. 

Your job is to show up to the experience ready to change your life and career – to go all in, or nothing.

It is my job to believe in you, to support you and above all; push you way beyond your boundaries in an experience tailored for you.