Building Effective Mindsets

Are you a leader looking for a mindset shift that takes you to the next level? Walk away from the unconscious mindsets that hold us back – Doubt, Overload, Distraction, Procrastination and Aversion to Risk are all examples of mindsets I regularly encounter that hold leaders back.

In a realised environment we will learn to zero in on the conscious mindsets that nurture effective, stress-free leadership. Curiosity, Risk Taking, Creativity and Calm are all mindsets intrinsically linked with leaders who are aligned with themselves, and coherent in their leadership approach.  

Perhaps you are looking for a coach to work with your own team to challenge them in an online environment designed for deep realisation, the realisation that changes careers and lives.

No checklists, action plans or power point presentations; just deep and powerful conversation undertaken in a safe and empowering online environment. All from the comfort of your own surroundings; at a time, that suits you.

As a leadership coach, it is my job to create a framework for you or your team to thrive in; One that fosters trust, diversity, empowerment and the right energy to get the right results.

Through targeted interventions you will have a coach at your disposal who has worked with some of the best businesses; across some of the most diverse and challenging industries in the world.


Coaching For Leaders

As a leader we are often looking for that extra edge to take our careers to the next level. The kind of experience that re-ignites our passion for doing what we love; or even better, lights the flame for something entirely unexpected and new.

When we go looking we often resort to the latest self-book, YouTube or any of the infinite sources of information we are exposed to in our data driven world. Whilst information like this has its place; what sets effective coaching apart is the ability to realise the answers to powerful questions that tap into your inner potential.

To put it bluntly information that is realised sticks and stays, vs information that is viewed fading into the background noise.

Effective leadership coaching starts within, deep within. We will strip away the noise and distraction in an intimate environment that is entirely focused on you. Instead of Action Plans, PowerPoint Presentations and Strategy Sessions; we will you use Powerful Questions, Deep Listening and shared Realisation that unlocks your inner potential.

Coaching For Teams

What value does this add? As a leader, it is a perfectly reasonable question; or more specifically – what value does engaging a resource bring to my team? I often ask the same question. When we invest in the development of our team, we often budget for seminars, courses and other activities that tick the “Professional Development” box in our business plan.

So why would you engage a Leadership Coach to work with your team?

Think of it this way; we often perceive effective coaching as the role of every leader; and it is. However, to take coaching to the next level requires structured interventions at regular intervals. Interventions that ensure detailed feedback, follow-ups and an overall plan that drives success. The sessions that I conduct with team members are one on one and tailored for each team member. 

As with “Coaching for Leaders,” the focus starts within. Team members will engage in an experience that challenges them to test the direct link their Inner Thoughts, Feeling and Emotions have on the Actions they take and Results they achieve in their professional lives.

Through shared realisation we will systematically evaluate the unconscious behaviours that often drive the frustrations vs the conscious behaviours that drive success.

All of my coaching comes with detailed session notes, recording and follow-ups as required.