The Big Shift - Transformation Podcast

Welcome to The Big Shift Podcast.
What’s it like to experience complete transformation in your life?
Have you had an experience in your life that re-defines your very existence?
Has it left you with a changed perspective that has left you wanting more from your life?
How do you unleash massive change in your life, when it’s already been changed?
Welcome to The Big Shift – A Podcast that helps you achieve complete transformation AFTER a life changing event.
Each episode we will explore the stories, insights and practical tools on how to achieve total and complete transformation after The Big Shift.
My name is Chris Geal, and I like many others have experienced the Big Shift when I survived a life-changing Cancer diagnosis.
Join me as I take you on an extraordinary journey that spans The Globe.
Learn how to achieve Total Transformation in your own life, from someone who has done it.
From stories and insights to interviews with extraordinary people who have also experienced the shift.
It’s all here, and it’s all for you.
Get ready to Transform – after The Big Shift.

Taking Life To The Next Level.

The Big Shift Transformation Podcast
The Big Shift Transformation Podcast
EP001 - The Big Shift - How To Start Your Transformation