Schedule A Conversation Between Us.

Please Review The Below Before You Book Your Conversation.

Relax!–No preparation is required for our session.

This is a Powerful Conversation, not a PowerPoint Presentation, Spreadsheet or 10 Steps to Guaranteed Success.
All I ask is that you are 100% present. If you feel you are going to be occupied, busy or distracted, please re-schedule to a time that you won’t be.
Above all, this a Safe Space–It is a Session of Realisation and Belief, not Judgement and Doubt.

Coaching can be uncomfortable–this is normal!–sometimes the most powerful realisations come from places of discomfort. Coaching is not Therapy, and I certainly don’t claim to be a Therapist. Conditions such as Depression often need to be managed in consultation with a Trained Therapist. I will never offer Medical Advice or deter you from seeking Professional Help which may be required for some people.

Last of all, I will always go above and beyond to show up on time and be ready to go–I ask that you do the same.

Looking forward to our Session!

Powerful Conversations Change Lives