chris geal is a Leadership Coach who Builds Stress Free Mindsets

Chris Geal is a High Performance Coach who has an absolute passion for helping people unlock high performance from within their inner selves.

Chris is not your “off the shelf” coach. He has forged and developed a Coaching career from not just stepping out of his comfort zone, but from living outside of it.

He has lived and worked in the rugged Australian outback, the remote North Sea, across Europe and beyond. Hailing from Western Australia, Chris lives a truly global life, he currently lives with his family in Girona, near the Costa Brava in the magnificent North East of Spain.

Chris is living proof that an enjoyable, rewarding and stress-free career is well within your reach.

What sets Chris apart from other coaches? It is his own unique coaching style, built upon experience in some of the most demanding and fast-paced industries on the planet.

He has an extraordinary skill set that is drawn from his own extensive professional and life experience. Instead of sitting in traffic working a 9-5 job, he flies from his home near Barcelona to Amsterdam, The Hague, London, Dublin and Gothenburg to name but a few. He is a coach that truly “walks the talk” and has a deep understanding of how to manifest a healthy and stress-free life through the ability to harness your inner self; and tap into unlimited potential.


his love of coaching stems from a life-changing event when at just 38 years old, he was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer

As a Global Professional, Chris had spent most of his career working in fast-paced, remote and high-risk environments. Stress, Anxiety and Exhaustion were all just “part of the job” and something to be dealt with some other time. As he progressed through his career and up the corporate ladder, panic attacks took hold; besides crippling symptoms he had little understanding of.

Not only was his stress levels escalating beyond his control; he had Cancer…

A disease that he was considered too young, healthy, and fit to have; would nearly take his life. It was during this experience that, against all odds, he reflected deeply on his own life and how he ended up so close to death.

Had his high stress career and lifestyle contributed to his life-threatening illness? How would he survive to live a stress free and healthy life again?

Through the fire of Intensive Cancer Treatment, Chris reflected deeply within and began to systematically understand his mind and manifest his very own survival. He would run the 12km to hospital each day to receive his Radiation and run Half Marathons holding his bottle of Chemotherapy, with an IV line in his arm. Despite the often crippling effects of Cancer Treatment he continued to build the mindset needed to manifest his goals and harness his mind.

After the hospitals, surgery and treatment, he walked away with an incredible recovery and a clean bill of health. Only 7 days after his last round of surgery, Chris and his family packed up their belongings and fulfilled their dream of moving to Spain where they live to this day.

As Chris’s story spread through his own network, people asked for guidance on not only Cancer, but Leadership and the inevitable stress that comes with it. With extensive experience in these areas, coaching was a logical progression for Chris.

Through a Coaching experience with Chris, you will learn the same unique and powerful abilities living within all of us. It is through the ability to “work within” and tap your inner potential that Chris will help you achieve your results, and a healthy stress free life.

What My Clients Say

Chris helped me transition and grow through one of the biggest challenges of my life - his coaching is as powerful as it is life-changing.
Oil and Gas Manager