Powerful Coaching That Redefines Life and Leadership

Who I Am...

My name is Chris, and I am a life and leadership coach – I work with clients to achieve excellence in all areas of life and leadership. 

I provide online coaching built upon a foundation of extensive life and leadership experience. From overcoming Cancer to living and working across the globe – This all forms the basis of a tried and tested coaching framework, that ensures you get the right result in your life or career.


Who You Are...

You are the sort of person who wants more: More out of life, more success, more energy, more abundance. You feel restless and know you want to make it happen, but are not sure how.

In your professional life you may be an aspiring leader; or already be one. You may have done the courses or have the degree; but you know there is much more to learn to better manage yourself, your team, and become a true High-Performance Leader.

You feel sentenced to a life of “playing it safe”. Mortgage, job, car and the 9 – 5 daily grind. A voice inside you says you want something different – to break the mold and follow your true calling.
Perhaps life has sent you a wake up call. A big event has left you shaken and questioning what it’s all about. The realisation has dawned that life is short, and you’re ready for a big change.

the People I work With...

I seek people to work with who are prepared to go all in and make massive change in their lives. The type of person who does not mind being challenged. Their mind is open to new experiences and approaches that are for the greater good of themselves. I work with people who are not afraid to take risks and push themselves over the edge of their perceived self limitations. These types of people don’t mind being different and see their own individuality as a strength rather than a weakness. Most of all you are positive, enthusiastic and energised for a life-changing experience together.


Coaching That Drives Results...


Looking for more out of life or have a feeling you can achieve more, but are not sure how? Maybe you are lacking motivation, direction, or the energy to supercharge your existence.

Learn the tools, techniques and insights to manifest a massive change in your life.

Whatever your need or goal, work with a Coach who lives an extraordinary life living and working across the world.



Coaching for those looking for a fresh approach to their career from someone who has worked for some of the best companies across the world. I have forged a career working in high pressure roles, leading large teams in diverse companies and locations across the Globe.

Work with a coach who has learned from the best and is ready to share his experience with you.

Such insights and experience are as rare as they are valuable – this is Leadership Coaching from a seasoned Leader.


You may have had a wake up call or just yearn for something different - now make it happen


Coaching that enables the most important and overlooked management aspect ;
managing your inner self


Already performing in your life, but looking for more?

Coaching For High Performers

Unlock Your Inner Potential

You will learn that the secret to your success less within all of us. Learn the tools and techniques that strip away the external noise in pursuit of your inner self

The Next Level

We will map out simple strategies and achieve tangible results instead of vague, empty promises

Coaching Through Realization

You will reap benefits and achieve goals through  realized coaching – coaching and information that stays with you for life

Results Driven

We will zero in on your goals and dreams. Together we will strip away the obstacles and make it happen in a safe, energised and positive online environment

A Global Perspective

You will benefit from a coach that lives a truly global life that brings a fresh perspective

A Competent Coach

Work with a Coach who is not only competent in his role, but competent in life itself

A Specialist In Building Mindsets

Manifesting your goals goes hand in hand with establishing the right mindset. Whether it’s your life goals, career ambitions or even your health, it all leads back to your mindset.


Chris Geal