Are You A Leader Grappling With Stress?

Don't Go It Alone...

Workplace stress is now the most prevalent source of stress in adults working in Western Societies. In today’s unprecedented times our stress levels at work are escalating. Leaders are often left grappling in the dark for silver bullets and cures that will somehow bring their minds back “under control”.

We may have the degrees or experience to perform our roles; but today’s leaders often lack the tools to manage and understand stress.

As leaders, we are often expected to “soldier on” through our escalating workloads, and instead stay focused on the task at hand. Storing our stress away to be dealt with on our next holiday when we can finally relax and unwind.


Does This Sound Like You?

On the outside you tick the boxes that were needed to get you where you are today. You have the job, the title, the responsibility and even the salary.

On the inside, you are distracted, overloaded and feel under the pump. You obsess about the next potential disaster in your career that often never happens. Victim to a never-ending cycle of anxiety, worry and stress.

You may have investigated some of the self-help leadership books or browsed for answers on the web; in search of that silver bullet that brings your mind back under control, and that calm, balanced approach to your career that you crave. None of it seems to work, even the fact that you can’t find a solution adds to your stress; more sleepless nights, strong coffee, and a loss of work/life balance.


How Stress Coaching Can Help...


Want To unlock your true potential and break the cycle of stress?


Coaching that enables the most important and overlooked stress management aspect ;
managing your inner self


Learn to step up and rid yourself of harmful levels of stress

Stress Coaching For Leaders

Unlock Your Inner Potential

You will learn that the secret to a stress-free life lives within all of us. Learn the tools and techniques that strip away harmful stress in pursuit of your inner self.

The Next Level

We will map out simple strategies and achieve tangible results instead of vague, empty promises

Coaching Through Realization

You will reap benefits and achieve goals through  realized coaching – coaching and information that stays with you for life

Results Driven

We will zero in on your true self. Together we will strip away the obstacles and make it happen in a safe, energised and positive online environment.

A Global Perspective

You will benefit from a coach that lives a truly global life that brings a fresh perspective

A Competent Coach

Work with a Coach who is not only competent in his role, but competent in life itself

Someone Who Has Been There...

Stress wasn’t just a problem for me; it nearly cost me my life. I passionately believe those that have been there deliver the most effective coaching.

Chris Geal