Chris geal Is A Leader With A Global Career

My Passion Is Sharing My Experience With Leaders And Professionals.

When I started my career, I never dreamed it would take me to half of the amazing places, industries and companies that I have had the privilege of experiencing. My profession has literally taken me across the globe and provided the opportunities to live and work in places I would never have thought possible. Having a Global Career provides an amazing perspective across industries, countries, companies and Cultures.

Being a leader with an International Portfolio has given me insights into some of the most Dynamic, High Risk and fascinating workplaces on the planet. Being a coach gives me the tools to share these insights with others.

Insights that supercharge careers, and perspectives that broaden your horizons. My passion is sharing these insights with others through an exclusive coaching service tailored for leaders.

Are You A Leader Looking For Insights That Are NOT Taught In Your Diploma or Degree?

Have you ever considered engaging a coach to supercharge your own career and development? You may have the degree, diploma or certificate. But this is just the beginning; the foundation on which to build your career. Perhaps you are already an experienced leader looking for that extra edge from someone, who not only teaches it – they live it.

My coaching operates outside of the usual boundaries of vocational education. This is coaching that zeroes in on the mindsets needed for you to succeed as a leader in today’s ultracompetitive world.

This is coaching that is all about you. How understanding your own mindset is fundamental to your ability to lead others, influence the right people and drive unimaginable success in your career.

How Coaching Can Supercharge Your Career

READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL in your career?

Looking To Master A Leaders Mindset And Step Up In Your Career?

Are You on auto-pilot?

Shift up a gear and take back control of your career and life.


Coaching that helps you stand out in your life, and in your career.

deep Coaching For Leaders

Unlock Your Potential

You will learn that the secret to a stress-free life lives within all of us. Learn the tools and techniques that strip away harmful stress in pursuit of your inner self.

The Next Level

We will map out simple strategies and achieve tangible results instead of vague, empty promises

Coaching Through Realization

You will reap benefits and achieve goals through  realized coaching – coaching and information that stays with you for life

Results Driven

We will zero in on your true self. Together we will strip away the obstacles and make it happen in a safe, energised and positive online environment.

A Global Perspective

You will benefit from a coach that lives a truly global life that brings a fresh perspective

A Competent Coach

Work with a Coach who is not only competent in his role, but competent in life itself

Someone Who Has Been There...

“Mastering your inner self is the key to success in your outer world; it  really is that simple” 

Chris Geal